Shecab Service in Dehradun for women only

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SheCab Dehradun SheCab, is Dehradun's only Cab Service for women and children. We also accept as guests, senior cizitens of either sex & families. We have well trained women drivers for your comfort and safety.

SheCab is a venture of Saheli Trust, a "Not for Profit" organization dedicated to Women's Empowerment in Dehradun since 2013. This venture aims to break the glass ceiling of driving being seen as a men's only job, provide employment to women and at the same time, provide a safe transport alternative to women in our city. Our drivers are girls and housewives from different villages around Dehradun and living in difficult economic circumstances. Each of them received extensive training in driving, vehicle maintainence, hospitality and self defence and they are now expert drivers. All of them have driven over 1000 kms on the roads of Dehradun before they were absorbed as drivers in SheCab. This ensures that we give you the safety and security you deserve.
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SheCab Dehradun

Airport Pick & Drop Services

Shecab Service in Dehradun for women only
  SheCab Dehradun gives you a safe, comfortable drive to or from the Airport. We can pick you up from anywhere in Dehradun or Mussorie and take you to the Airport early in the morning or till 8.00 pm in the evening. To book an Airport Drop or Pick up you simply need to call our Booking numbers 7300700401, 7252058401 or 0135-2736652. Currently we charge Rs 1000/- either way from Dehradun and Rs 2500/- from Mussorie, plus parking charges at the airport (Presently Rs 35/-). If you are lucky you can get huge discounts by keeping a track of our Grab It Offers.

A number of residential girl's schools utilize our service for picking up or dropping their students. If your daughter studies in a Dehradun school, remember to let us know so that we can take her saftely to school. You can track her as she travels in our cabs live.

If you run a girls school/ hostel and you want SheCab to pick up or drop girls to the Airport, send us an email.
SheCab Dehradun

Services to Haridwar, Rishikesh & Mussorie

Shecab Service in Dehradun for women only
Travel in comfort & safety from Dehradun to Mussorie, Rishikesh, Haridwar and other surrouding areas in the comfort and safety of SheCab. Unlike other commercial taxi services, we don't rush from passenger to passenger, but take you or your family members with love and care. Our various packages are listed below.
Rate List of SheCab
Please remember when you engage SheCab, you not only get a safe transport for yourself, but you also contribute to empowering women. Our charges are, roughly 10% higher than the usual Ola or Uber charges, but we hope you appreciate what we are attempting to do. Your patronage will go a long way in helping us train and teach more women from villages around Dehradun and make a difference in their lives. Once we are financially stable, we will reduce the charges, till then please support us and help bringing about a change. Thank you.

Parking / Toll Taxes are to by paid by the guest.


Local City Services

We take you, your children, family, parents and friends anywhere within the city, between 7 am and 7 pm. Our expert drivers take you to your destination saftely and comfortable. As we say "When you ride with SheCab, you ride with a friend". The feeling of being in a "taxi" is never there in SheCab. We charge Rs 200 for the first 8 kms and then for every kilometer Rs 20. Waiting charges are Rs 75 per half hour.
Watch a YouTube Video on SheCab made by one of our Guests.

"Grab It" Offers from SheCab

"Grab it" is our discount offer, valid for the date and time mentioned in the pic. We usually release the offer a few hours before the trip, if there is an unused part in our Cab's trip.
The offer is given on first come first serve basis. For example in the picture on the right, the offer is for 28th October from the Airport to city between 2 & 5 pm. To grab it, you need to call the number mentioned in the picture below. These pictures are placed in our Facebook page .
Alternatively, to get a Grab It alert as soon as it is released in a WhatsApp message, send us a WhatsApp message on 7252058401, saying Subscribe. These offers are given on first come first basis. The second caller does not get any discounted booking.
SheCab Dehradun Grab It offer


SheChauffeurs drive your car for your convenience. SheChauffeur takes your children, your parents and you along with your husband anywhere within Dehradun. To book a SheChauffeur please call 7300700401, 7252058401 or 0135-2736652 anytime between 7.00 am and 8.00pm.

Charges are as follows:
4 hours: Rs 450/-
8 hours: Rs 800/-


Need help? E-Mail Us.
Need to talk to someone:

First Level Support

SheCab Supervisor: 7300700401

Second Level Support

If you are not satisfied with your talk with the SheCab Supervisor, please call:
Relationship Manager: 7060983502
Please do NOT call the Relationship Manager without talking to the Supervisor before hand.

Tertiarly Level Support

Still not satisfied? Then please call 7017629699 / 9760371958 for talking to our Trustees.
We would appreciate if you do not these numbers unless you have tried everything else. Thank you for understanding.

If you are looking for a career in SheCab please email your resume to us and we will get back to you.