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Saheli in Press

  1. 30-Nov-2018: Sakhi Review
  2. 21-May-2018: Shecab
  3. 21-May-2018: Shecab to be launched
  4. 21-Jan-2018: 5 years celebration
  5. 31-July-2017: E@YD Ghisapaddi
  6. 30-July-2017: Survey's for Aadhar & Voter ID Card
  7. 08-March-2017: E@YD Kabadi Basti
  8. 08-June-2016: Girl Power Club: Buddhi Goan
  9. 11-April-2016: Review of Shruti Kaushik
  10. 17-Mar-2016: Rescue of a girl
  11. 25-Sept-2015: "Hear Me O Himalayas"
  12. 17-Sept-2015: A case of child abuse
  13. 08-Mar-2015: Review of SHG
  14. 13-July-2015: Plantation drive
  15. 08-Mar-2015: Review of SHG
  16. 15-Jan-2015: Saheli: A Ray of Hope
  17. 20-Nov-2014: Dr Vipin Vaish falicitated
  18. 20-Oct-2014: Diwali Celebrations with children of St. Thomas College
  19. 08-Oct-2014: Family Planning session in Shanshai Ashram
  20. 13-Sept-2014: Awareness rally for Domestic Violence
  21. 20-June-2014: Interactive Session on DV in a slum
  22. 17-June-2014: Session on Domestic Violence in Sapera Basti
  23. 22-April-2014: Talk Fest on Domestic Violence
  24. 23-Feb-2014: Facilitation of Shruti Kaushik for work in Saheli
  25. 17-Dec-2013: Session on Domestic Violence
  26. 08-Dec-2013Finance Workshop held by Saheli
  27. 07-Nov-2013: Showcasing Saheli Products
  28. 12-Nov-2013: Review of Saheli in Pioneer newspaper
  29. 19-Sept-2013: Review of Saheli
  30. 07-Sept-2013: Review of Shruti Kaushik
  31. 08-June-2013: Rescue of a mentally retarded woman
  32. 06-June-2013: Press Conference on survey report of women's hospital
  33. 08-May-2013: Helping a woman duped online